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Post-Bulletin - 5-7-2007

Evening run sheds light on melanoma

By Jeffrey Pieters

Read article at http://www.postbulletin.com/newsmanager/?a=293279&z=2

Mayo Magazine - Autumn 2006

Mayo employee raises funds for melanoma research

Tim Burriss, a Mayo Clinic Rochester employee, raised $30,800 for melanoma research during his first Out of the Sun Run. Mr. Burriss is a melanoma survivor, who at age 36 was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. He underwent numerous surgeries and a year of treatment. Mr. Burriss intends to make the Out of the Sun Run and annual event.

KAAL-TV - 6-21-2006

"Out Of The Sun Run" pays off big

(KAAL) -- One melanoma survivor's hard work paid off today.

Timothy Burriss presented a check for more than 30-thousand dollars to the Mayo Foundation.

In May, Burriss and his family held the first annual "Out Of The Sun Run" in Rochester to raise money for the clinic.

In its first year, 530 runners and walkers raised $30,800.

Mayo Clinic Oncologist, Svetomir Markovic says they are overwhelmed by the community's support.

"If this new event helps to decrease the number of melanoma cases in our community by one, we've achieved our goal."

Next year the money from the event will be split.

Half will be used for research and the other half will be given to melanoma patients to help with living expenses.

The Burriss family plans to make the run an annual event.

Republished with permission, from http://www.kaaltv.com/article/view/101375/

KAAL-TV - 5-17-2006

Out Of The Sun Run

(KAAL) -- Summer is right around the corner and that means many people will be getting lots of sun. However, one Rochester man hopes when you visit the pool or even just hit the trails for a jog, that you remember sun safety.

6 NEWS FIRST reporter Ericka Miller tells us how this melanoma survivor is spreading the word on how to stay safe.

Eight years ago, Tim Burriss was diagnosed with malignant melanoma--a type of skin cancer that, when detected late, is incurable.

Burriss underwent several surgeries to remove the malignant cells and ensure the cancer hadn't spread to other parts of his body.

Now he wants others to know how to stay sun safe.

"The goal is to promote awareness and to help with melanoma research."

To do that, Burriss and his family--along with doctors at the Mayo Clinic--are hosting the first annual out of the sun run.

He says the support people have shown for this cause is amazing.

"I'm overwhelmed I never in my wildest dreams thought we'd have anything like this."

The 5k run/walk and 10k run will start here at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in northwest Rochester on Friday night.

So far over 300 people have signed up and raised more than $25-thousand for melanoma research.

This year the money raised will go to the Mayo Foundation to support smaller melanoma research projects.

Next year, Mayo hopes to give the money directly to melanoma patients.

Dr. Markovic says people can also support the cause, by taking care of themselves, "Be sure to be protected, wide brim hat, sun protective clothing, sunscreen and just avoid burning."

Burriss says he knows he's very lucky and hopes the out of the sun run will help give back to those who gave him a second shot at life.

Burriss says he plans to make the run an annual event and says Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and Scottsdale have both shown interest in starting similar runs to support melanoma research.

- Ericka Miller

Republished with permission, from http://www.kaaltv.com/article/view/100105/



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