Church Of Jesus: Disseminates Biblical Knowledge To All Believers

Church Of Jesus: Disseminates Biblical Knowledge To All Believers

Some people still lack biblical knowledge. But, it is not possible to gain biblical knowledge if you wanted to learn. Some people don’t believe in the heavens. Plus, not all people have a deep relationship with God. But, It is still not yet late to enhance your knowledge about the bible and make your faith stronger. Especially that the world is facing a pandemic that suffers thousands of people. What you need is Jesus to save the world. But unfortunately, how can you all be saved if your faith in God is not stronger. You need to enhance your biblical knowledge because only faith can save you. There are still thousands of people who are confused about the word of God in the bible. You can’t blame someone also because in this world many various religions have different beliefs. But, religion is not the one who can save you, no other than your faith. If you want to know more about biblical knowledge you can visit Shincheonji for more revelations and biblical knowledge.

Truths about the church of Jesus

The Church of Jesus was established in South Korea. It is also known as the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony commonly used as Shincheonji Church of Jesus. The church of Jesus is an offshoot Christian new religious movement. They are congregants all over the world. They engage in community service works to give light and to be the light to the world. They help other people and spread the good news in the bible. The Church of Jesus is a temple that was promised in the bible and developed according to the edifice of heaven that is written in God’s word. It is a religious group based in South Korea but preaching God’s word all over the world and helping people in need. Especially that the world is facing a pandemic that spreads illness all over the world. They are doing their best to end the covid and bring back the livelihood of the world. They offer biblical knowledge to churches and believers all over the world. They don’t just contribute biblical understanding but also help the believers to carry out a proper life of faith.

Who leads the Church of Jesus?

The church of Jesus is being led by Lee Man Hee. Lee Man Hee is known as the instrument used by the heavens to accomplish this work. He is the one who accomplished the words promised in the bible. Lee Man Hee is being called the chairman of the Church of Jesus because he is the head of the governing body of the Church.

What does the Church believe in?

Their beliefs are based on the Bible. Their beliefs are only based on the teachings of the bible and no other than that. They believe that the bible not only serves as words of instructions but also words of the promise of God for the world. Where there will be no more death, mourning, and pain you can feel and that promise will only be fulfilled at the second time coming of Jesus.