How to take care of your pets in the rainy season

How to take care of your pets in the rainy season

Damp ground and grass, the smell of wet dirt, and cool walks are loved by every pets. However, this season comes with certain risks, so you need to take some extra care with your furry friends. So, read this article to learn about taking care of pets in the rainy seasons.

Make sure the house is clean every day

Your pet’s bed should be clean and kept dry. We also recommend taking it out in the sun daily for 15 minutes.Another cleaning tip is to wash the food and water container regularly to prevent mold and mildew.


Due to the rains, the walks may be less and shorter, but must be compensated with indoor activities. For example: make them look for a toy, throw the ball, go up and down stairs or just chase your pet.

Watch out for storms

Thunder and lightning are often stressful for dogs. Our pets are very sensitive to loud noises, this can cause anxiety, fear and aggression.If you notice that your furry tends to hide and cry, comfort him by hugging him and caressing him.At night, keep your bedroom door open or place your pet’s bed in a corner of the room where it can feel comfortable and safe.

take care of your pets


You must keep the feet and pads always dry. After a walk, rinse and dry it, this prevents dirt from accumulating, fungi and infections from licking its paws.

Take care of the skin

One of the main problems that appear with the rains are cases of fungal dermatitis. This disease occurs when a dog or cat walks in the rain or in a damp garden and does not dry out properly.

In addition, it is common for pets to be prone to ticks and fleas this season. Keep your pet clean and dry.Check skin regularly, watch for redness or color change. In case this is the case, consult the vet.

Also clean all ears or use cotton balls during bathing or if you go for a walk in the rain; this will keep the inner skin dry and prevent ear infections.

Watch their walks

Although they are rare, intestinal problems can occur because our pets can drink water from puddles, so it is important to supervise them when going out.

With these simple recommendations, keep your pet free of typical diseases of the season.