Tricks for planning your wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic

Tricks for planning your wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic

No matter how you are, what matters is that the two of you will stay together for the rest of your life through thick and thin, illness, health, pain, and happiness. Speaking of obstacles, the mammoth in your path is a pestilence but you don’t want to succumb to it, right?

We are here to transcend the fear and stigma of the COVID-19 pandemic and help you organize the wedding of his dreams, even in difficult times. No one will stop to create the famous dazzling Indian wedding in Delhi. The world is online, and so is your wedding. In preparation for the big day, this is what you need to plan meticulously.

  • Plan plan plan!

Establishing some rules and negotiating between the parties is essential before an agreement can be reached. Decide on a collective budget and create a detailed plan of what to include in the party in the particular case.

  • Health is wealth

Give priority to your health and that of your relatives; know the maximum number of visitors allowed for this occasion and all the security measures that must be taken to organize an event in the epidemic.

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  • Send those invitations

Guests must be invited and no physical contact is necessary at that time. The email invitations helped you. Practical and virtual, it is the best option to inform your loved ones about the moment that changed your life. Remember that the less fortunate, who physically attend the wedding, the better!


Stay low on wedding shopping because payment is inconvenient and even shopping online can cause problems. Buy the basics and stick to a tight budget list.

  • Capture the moment

Not everyone will be present at the Wedding, so the memories created should be preserved for relatives whose internet problems seem bigger than the environmental problems we face. Hire the best Delhi wedding photographers, that is, choose Video Tailor wedding photography services to capture the essence of your collaboration and love in one photograph.

  • Clean us up guys!

Hygiene and hygiene is the trend, so keep the environment cool (better if it is your home) by maintaining proper hygienic techniques. The accommodation and the luxury of the guests is your responsibility, do not forget it.

  • Give your appearance the ability.

It is his wedding and he has taken a long breath due to the pandemic. Why not make your complexion glow with all the rich face masks and a hearty meal every day to keep your immunity and complexion glowing and camera ready for a rare wedding?